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iPhone Application Development and Outsourcing is evolving with a lightning speed now a days because of the popularity and density of iPhones among the users. iPhone is an outstanding device which can be used as a camera phone, video iPod, and Internet device. With the increase in the demand of iPhones among users, the demand for iPhone applications is increasing day by day. Therefore, iPhone Application Development has become a main target for software development companies now a days.

The software development company involved in the business of iPhone Application Development provides a variety of services that help you to enhance the functions and performance of the iPhones. The variety of services includes:

– Combining the power of the Internet with the iPhone.
– Providing the connections with the websites and online databases to the iPhone.
– Providing solutions to get your private hosting platforms for the iPhone.
– Enhancing the features of the iPhone.
– Customizing the themes and icons of the iPhone.
– Providing the services for the interaction of your iPhone with other iPhone software.

Offshore Iphone Apps

iPhone Application Development has become a very productive business these days. It has opened up new paths for the incredible growth of iPhone Development Outsourcing. Various software development companies that develop software and applications for iPhones outsource their expertise to other companies for running their business. The companies involved in the business of iPhone Development Outsourcing offers cost effective and feature-rich solutions to the clients.

The business of iPhone Development Outsourcing is rising day by day from the last few years. iPhone application developers are getting high profits from the iPhone Application Development and Outsourcing business in these days.

iPhone application developers use iPhone SDK to create unique and customized applications for iPhones. iPhone SDK is also known as the tool chain and includes all the tools and technologies required to develop iPhone applications. The main tools and technologies included in iPhone SDK are:

– XCode: Is the Integrated Development environment (IDE) that helps you to develop iPhone applications. It helps you to create and manage the source files and projects of iPhones. It also helps you to run, test, and debug your applications. In addition, it helps you to build .exe file from the code.
– Interface Builder: Is a graphical editor that helps you to design and test the user interfaces.
– Instruments: Is the tool that helps you to analyze the performance of your iPhone applications. Instruments collect the performance data from the running applications, compare it, and display the result into graphical format called the timeline.

iPhone application developers should have expertise in iPhone SDK. Using iPhone SDK, the developers can develop iPhone applications related to:

– Business and enterprise applications
– Web application
– Mobile applications
– Multimedia applications
– Gaming applications
– eBooks applications
– Entertainment applications
– Utility applications
– Language conversion
– Search tools
– Social networking
– eCommerce websites

Some of the applications are listed below which can be made available to the user with the help of iPhone application development services.

1. Watch movies and listen favorite songs.
2. Advanced gaming zone inclusive of quizzes, puzzles, racing etc.
3. Updates about latest news happenings
4. Easy access to travel-related information while traveling
5. Updates about weather reports
6. Access to social networking sites
7. Information about any ongoing match


Apple is known for bringing out products that are not only path breaking, but have an enigma of their own. The hype that is created before the actual product launch of any apple product is enough for making the product a big hit. Products they build have a unique niche in the market and a  unique followers which stick to the apple product’s. With the release of apple product, it’s need is created. This is the power of Apple.

The latest product that has sent ripples down the market spine is iPad, or the white marvel. This absolute state of the art gadget was build with a stylish look which made the people to make a demand in such a way that over Three million ipad was sold around the world in 80 days, or one every 2.3 seconds. A neat looking, sleek and sophisticated tablet looks like an absolute gem of a device. Its ultimate features like the 9.7-inch fully touch sensitive screen, multimedia, virtual keyboard, wide screen and visually appealing graphics can create an browsing experience that is second to none.

There are ample features that make for a sure success:

Contacts applications are quicker and easier
• Vibrant display and unique software features
• Battery back up capability
• Multitasking
• High-resolution screen
• Easy to see and navigate
• Powerful built-in speaker
• High resolution Camera
• Ubiquitous Connectivity
• e-Magazine Reader
• High-Definition Prowess

iPad Application development is yet another feature that is sure to make a huge difference in how the iPad performs. Sucess of every device depends upon its application and the services and functions it can provide to the general public. iPad is capable of not only using applications that are developed specially for it, but it can also smoothly run the ones that are made for iPhone or iPod touch. iPad Application development can bring in a whole new set of features that can make your iPad richer and more functional that before. Application development firms across the world are now trying to make the best apps for the ipad so as to meke the user experience more comfortable.

Application development firms are working on different platforms so as to develop applications for:

• Messaging
• Sports
• Travel
• Business
• Finance
• Navigation and Maps
• Books & Directories
• Entertainment
• Movies & Music
• Tools & Utilities
• Social Networking
• Education

iPad Application Development is quite similar to that of iPhone, but the major difference is in the execution and the features. Every iPhone application that is to be used with iPad will have to have the capability to expand to the 9.7-inch screen and fit into the graphic requirements. iPad application can be used to fulfill the essentials in various fields such as business, entertainment, games, web, email, connectivity, eBooks, publishing, videos, etc.

This is for sure the future of Internet user experience and the tablet PCs. There is no doubt about the fact that iPad has changed the way people have been using the computer, the laptop and even the mobile devices. It has created a whole new genre of devices where it stands alone as a winner.

Elan Techynologies (Ios 4 App development)

The new updates that are now available for existing iPhone users are being built into the new iPhone 4. The updates are being packaged in cutely names iOS4 which is now available for download for any iPhone user that has an iPhone 3g or iPhone 3GS. These updates include many really cool new features for the camera, new multitasking capabilities and many more great features like the iTunes book store. However, users that have the older 3G model may miss out on some of the coolest features because Jobs claims that their processor is simply not capable of keeping up with these advanced features.

This is one of the biggest software updates apple has rolled out for its huge population of mobile devices to date. This new mobile operating system will attempt to bring all of the iPhones, iPod Touch’s and iPads up to a level playing ground for the users sake and mostly for the developers who are cranking out new apps at an unprecedented rate these days. For many this will give them a whole new experience with features that they have never had been able to use before. Some people who have already jailbroken their phones may think that these updates are minimalistic compared to the control and customization that they have experienced by unlocking the iPhone OS.

Apple plans on getting rid of these non-standard installations on the iPhone models altogether very soon. The iPhones that have a jailbroken or home brewed OS on them currently have never been looked at as a problem, because Apple has never specifically added anything to their EULA or End User Licence Agreement to disallow such software tweaks, until now. Apple reps are saying that users who have upgraded to the iTunes V9.2 or who have already installed the iOS V4 software have already agreed not to alter the software on these Apple products in any way that is not intended by the manufacturer. Furthermore, if you do continue to use your jailbroken phone, they will know and your service may be terminated. This will be one big surprise for many users as they are not making it very well known that this will be an issue moving forward.

If you are going to be using a altered version of the iPhone operating system, you must use an older version of iTunes and the iPhone OS to make sure that you are still within the agreement licensing terms, so before you jailbreak you may wan to think twice!

Application Development Companies have started coming out with the cool and cheap apps, Ios 4 has been an another milestone for the Apple  Inc. and they are going good with there applications because of the pool of experts developing high- end Applications for it. People can opt for the conversion of there old Iphone applications to the whole new Iphone Ios 4 Apps here–>> Ios 4  Conversion

Ipad Application Development

Now, when the Apple’s new product, Steve Job’s best Product ever is growling a loud in the markets of America, Claiming the best quarter sell ever and planning to extend it’s reach all over the globe so that other eager sitting people could also try their hands on the new Apple tablet managing almost a havoc in the e’ markets. Tablet success totally depends on the applications it can support and the benefits it can provide to it’s users which can only be done with it’s Applications:

Revealing the 10 best iPAD Applications

A tablet PC that combines the novelty of compactness and intelligence of a computer with the mobility of a mobile phone is what no one would want to miss. Unbelievable technology, agility in speed, extensive connectivity, and thousands of applications to select from are the trademark of the latest innovation by Apple in the form of iPad.

The iPad applications, although a bit similar to the iPhone applications, make the iPad so very interesting and these are the very cornerstones that are being marketed by Apple. One can select from an overwhelming 15,000 applications and download them through App store feature.

Determining the top 10 iPad applications would be an arduous task as there is an exhaustive list of tempting applications. However, some of the most captivating ones have been enumerated. The most exotic being the Elements application that features details of 118 elements of the periodic table. The medical application for keeping medical records lets you search the best specialist in the city. The iBook application allows you to browse and read your favorite book and hold the iPad at your convenience. Its iPlayer ensures high resolution video play. iTunes that run into thousands could be downloaded. iWork is an interesting feature that helps to make notes, organize diaries, calendars, and work schedules.

Spotlight search is one of its own kinds of search option that aids in search even through applications. Epicurious is another incredible application that lets you select a novel recipe for each meal from more than 25,000 available dishes. The financial service application is suitable for those keeping an eye on the stock market and monitoring their regular transactions. Last but not the least, the lifestyle application is for hands on information on the latest trends.

Loaded with such mind-blowing applications and an affordable price, the Apple Ipad has become one of the most coveted gadgets of modern times which cannot be missed at any cost.

iPhone Hardware Requirements.

iPhone application development has minimum hardware requirements without which iPhone programming cannot begin. This small guide lists the essential hardware needed for iPhone development and also mentions the alternatives wherever possible.

Mac Machine

One of the first hardware any budding iPhone developer should procure is an Intel-based Mac machine or Mac Book because iPhone applications can only be developed using Apple X OS. Does this mean non-Intel based Mac machines cannot be used for iPhone application development? Yes, spot on.

Will a Power PC Mac work for iPhone development?

A Power PC Mac will work but the output will be sluggish, to say the least and result in extremely low productivity. An iBook will be worse, so better stick to a powerful Intel-based Mac PC for your iPhone application development. In spite of this, if you still want to use PowerPC make sure it is running Leopard 10.5.4 or higher.

Old or new Mac?

While both will work, a new dual-core Mac machine should gallop and when the race for iPhone development is tight you want to sprint and not trot, right? However, you can take your pick between a Mac Book (or Mac Mini) and a Mac PC as XCode and Interface Builder run smoothly on both machines. Whichever Mac you choose, ensure it has at least 2GB RAM for smooth performance.


iPhone applications can also be developed using the iPhone Simulator that comes bundled with the iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) but the problem arises when you want to test the application’s GPS functionality or access the internet from within the application. In such cases the iPhone simulator is not enough and you have no option left but to purchase an iPhone. But if you can somehow make do without GPS and internet, the iPhone Simulator for iPhone application development will do just fine.

Once you have this minimum hardware ready you are all set to create great iPhone applications and games.

Elan Technologies Deals In Offshore Software Development

As an iPhone application developer you may find iPhone to be an ideal platform or device/gadget to develop a killer application to sell and make a good fortune. But wait, every thing is not as plain as you see. There are some restrictions laid by Apple, producer of the iPhone, which may have negative impact over your development plan. Consider the following before putting in the hard work for developing your own application.
One application at a time
The first restriction put by Apple is “Only one application can run at a time”. This means if you are surfing over the Internet and some one calls you, then you have to quit the surfing to attend the incoming call. Suppose you are on a secure server and you have to frequently leave the page, then it becomes a headache for you to give username and password every time. This seems a problem for user but what for the developer?
Yes, it is something for developer to think over too. Suppose you have developed a GPS application which needs constant support from the user to collect a particular data for your geo-location, then again it makes a compulsion for the user to continue with the same application and ignore all important calls for you. This makes the implications of that application vague.

No third party in background
Another restriction is “no third party application will run in background”. This means instant messengers will not be able to collect messages for you while you are attending an important call. It will show you offline as soon as you switch over to another application. Similarly, it is true for any application, which has to interact with web for periodical updated or for its smooth functioning would prove useless here. Even the whole class of such application will prove useless or significantly less useful than they otherwise would be.

Control on apps
Apple store is formed for the centric distribution of the apps. None can directly distribute any apps and one has to come at the Apple store for its marketing purpose. It not only acts as a marketing point for the developers but can prove a gateway for the iPhone application developers.
You have to take permission for the entrance as an iPhone developer by registering with Apple. When your apps get in the store, Apple will decide weather it will stay there or not by NetShare or any other means. There are again threats for you that they may reject your apps or make significant delay in the release. This may lead to fatal consequences for a developer.

Revoking the certificate
Apple can exert vertical control over the iPhone application developer by simply revoking the certificate given. You may want to ask that how is it related to its apps development if it is already finished? You are right but you may know that since Apple forces all legitimate iPhone apps to be signed, if the certificate is on the “revocation list” no apps signed with that certificate will run anywhere. This would come as quite a shock to your paying customers.
No support for previous versions
“Applications targeting iPhone OS releases prior to 3.0 beta cannot be tested in this seed”
“This software should only be installed on devices dedicated exclusively for iPhone 3.0 beta application development”
“Devices updated to iPhone 3.0 beta cannot be restored to earlier versions of iPhone OS”
“iPhone SDK for iPhone 3.0 cannot be used for submitting iPhone OS 2.2.1 applications to the App Store”
All this has two important implications. If you are an iPhone developer, you’ll need two development machines and two iPhones to be able to work on your 2.x OS-based apps while checking out and upgrading code for the 3.0 OS.

The Iphone Application Development

The iPhone took the entire mobile phone market by a storm with its launch proving beneficial to all the age groups and for all level of work. iPhone is not just a next generation mobile but it is device which provides high end facilities like high-speed internet access to its users. It is a product from Apple (formerly Apple Inc.), which has lined up many other advanced technology based electronic devices (how can we forget the classy iPod). No surprises, iphone website development and iphone application development, both are the craze of today.

Apple provides an outstanding Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable users and developers to expand the iPhone to higher levels. It is a great platform for users who love to use various other applications than iPhone originally offers. There are many firms that develop customized applications for iPhone. Generally, a company or an individual seeks services of such development firms to outsource iPhone application development.

Now, the iPhone applications can be divided into two categories:
native applications and
web applications.
The use of the tools and technologies in SDK by iPhone application developer to develop native applications. It is much like developing applications for MAC OS X. Moreover, an iPhone simulator facilitates the testing and debugging of the applications before they are ready to be used.
For the web applications, the availability of standard web application development tools comes as a boon. iPhone uses finger impressions as inputs rather than a mouse. This raises the need for iPhone specific web pages and it is known as iPhone website development.

The other challenges that an iPhone application developer faces are the variations in display size of web pages, namely wide-screen and portrait screen. All these make the iPhone website development distinct from the simple website development.

With the launch of iPhone, Apple has opened up a newer market for development of customized applications for iPhone. It is because iPhone has a wide and an increasing customer base. Hence, the professional development firms have found a new segment since
the need to outsource iPhone application development projects is reaching newer heights.